Der Weg führt uns durch das romantische Silberbachtal.


Eggeweg im Teutoburger Wald



06.07.2021 · Community
Have walked this in September 2020 and would wait until at least 2024 if you are planning to do this walk. Although the route is varied and surface in good condition, waymarking existent in 99% of cases and towns along the way scenic, it should currently be renamed the ''Felled tree footpath.' It's a real pity there were multiple storms in 2020 which led to diversions and to an incredible amount of felled trees along the way. There's piles of tree trunks erverywhere along the paths and felled trees where the forest used to be and how that impacts the scenery is beyond belief. Ironically, on the first leg of the route there is hardly any scenery as the beautiful hills and countryside are hidden behind thick rows of trees. When the forest does open up, its thoroughly enjoyable though but we did go off the waymarked route every now and then to escape the felled trees and have a proper view of the surroundings. Would recommend this walk in a few years from now in this beautiful part of Germany.
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